Saturday, March 22, 2008

Joy is Bursting from Our Home!

This gorgeous photo popped up in a recent image
search and I found it so inspiring!

(I found it @ Deaf Pagan Crossroads)

I find that any time I am not feeling 100% all I need to do is to go outside and spend a little quality time with the ever abundant and joy filled Mother Earth! Sounds pretty hippie dippy, I know... so be it! I find that the more time I spend appreciating my surroundings the more appreciation I feel for myself. I have a beautiful lake behind my house and almost every day I take my kooky little Beagle Duda down to say hello to "my lake". Every time I take the time to do this I receive a lovely boost of joy and occasionally I am blessed with an eagle sighting which adds a dose of pure awe to the mix!

"My lake" was built by the father of my next door neighbor, and great friend, many decades ago. It was a true labour of love on land that was granted to his great great grandfather (give or take a great) for his heroism in the Civil War. The family are all wonderful loving people and the land emanates with their love and appreciation. I feel such incredible gratitude to have the privilege of enjoying this blessed place every day. Just think about the way that domestic plants respond to being loved and appreciated... Take it outside, gang! The results will be world changing!

Monday, March 10, 2008

It's Go Time for Ms. Pollyanna!

I have spent a good part of the last week reading Ask and It Is Given and listening to Abraham-Hicks' cd on the Law of Allowing and I have to say that I have never felt better in my life! The video above gives a nice nutshell of their message. They are the teachers of the Law of Attraction. They teach three such Laws: Attraction, Deliberate Intention and Allowing. These laws work together and for many people they are not new concepts, once you get into them, but they are brilliantly explained and they teach the most effective ways, that I've come across so far, of maintaining one's focus on what one is wanting, rather than what is lacking in one's life. Not to mention a most positive and effective way of releasing ego. I find it to be quite fabulous.

I had the great good fortune of taking an Abraham-Hicks seminar about seven years ago in Albuquerque and it was amazing. Apparently I was not quite ready to embrace the Laws until now. Swaha! I'm falling in love with them now, let me tell you, the Law of Allowing is my new best friend. I have never found a more effective way to overcome ego in my life! I think that they do the best job in explaining these laws so I am not going to go on about it here. Check out the video above and if it sounds like something that you are wanting, jump on in! They have books, videos, cds and of course seminars. As my cousin Kanti said last night, "We can go through life crying or we can go through life laughing..." Kind of a no brainer when you put it that way, eh? lol

So... I am saying goodbye to some of my old habits forever and instead choosing these new habits:

1.) I am choosing to watch, read and listen to only those things that bring joy into my life. (I updated my dvr and my iPod and even removed or updated several of my posts on Lipstick Hippie and TempleGreen.)

2.) I am allowing, with love, myself and all others to exist in the creations that we have chosen for ourselves. I am allowing, with love, even those who would choose not to allow me.

3.) When I have negative thoughts and emotions I will release them and choose instead to seek out the things that inspire appreciation and joy in me.

This may sound strange to some of you but I must tell you that it is quite relieving to me. All of these choices are already in line with my beliefs and even, quite honestly, with my own natural inclinations. I have been teased many a time in my life for trying to find the silver lining. Well look out, babies, I'm gonna go far far beyond the silver lining now... it's go time for Ms. Pollyanna!

Big Love to All Y'all!