Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Asking for a Third Option

"Hey, Grace, can you help me out here?"

About four months ago a friend of mine was telling me about a situation in her life that she was looking for some resolve in. She had come up with two scenarios that she felt were her only two options. Neither one of them was optimal but she could not find another option in the library of her brain that would accommodate everyone involved. As I listened to her I heard, "What about asking for a third option?" in my head... I let the words spill from my mouth and as they did some more came with them, I love it when that happens. I just sit back and listen because the information is inevitably useful for me as well.

So... long story short, asking for the third option is asking Grace to give us a solution that we could not think of with our own limited view. I have recently started calling divinity, consciousness, the Universe, God, Shiva, Allah etc... Grace. For me that is the simplest and most useful word to describe that which is indescribable ;-) The one most important thing to remember when you do ask for a third option, or anything else that we ask Grace for, is to let whatever it is go once you have asked... find a way to allow your mind to accept whatever happens to be perfect, even if it is not what you asked for. And then distract the mind from dwelling on the subject, find something else to focus on, preferably something joyful. Once it has truly been let go of, in my experience anyway, you can be most certain that the third option is coming to you at light speed. Try it out sometime... you might just be surprised by the results.